About Us

During 2020 we collectively endured immense hardships including economic and emotional set backs. Selling luxury goods seemed irrelevant and out of touch given the extreme circumstances in which our economy was collapsing. Our lives were turned upside down and we made a decision to focus on the simpler moments of joy and fell back on our creative roots which included art, design and screen printing. We asked ourselves what products were relevant and what did we want to put out into the world in 2020 and beyond? The answer came in the form of our favorite essentials, which included things we were already wearing daily around the house- and this excited us! Yarrow Goods was born from the need to heal, reinvent, rebuild and reimagine our need for comfort and design in our daily lives. We focus on unisex crewnecks, tee-shirts, lounge pants, hats, and special blankets. We wanted to create something that feels good and helps you ease into this new normal of life, whatever that may be! 
Owners include husband and wife duo Oliver and Grace Estrada. They are the former founders of Northern California’s luxury boutique Scout West County and Scout Healdsburg. They have extensive experience in production, art, design, curating spaces, screen printing and sourcing.
All of our garments are printed one by one by Liberty Screen Printing in California. We print in small batches and offer limited quantities. We take pride to check for quality and attention to design at an affordable price. 
- Oliver and Grace Estrada