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How it's made.

Yarrow Goods is an online apparel and textile company featuring eco conscious textiles and unisex apparel. 

+ Husband and wife duo Oliver & Grace Estrada design, print and source every piece with care. 

+Each garment is printed one-by-one by hand using eco friendly water-based specialty inks with high printing standards. We have 11+ years of screen printing experience. 

+Almost all of our garments are made in the USA. Our textiles are also designed (by us!) and manufactured in the United States by independent small knitting mills. 


+Our pieces that are not made in the USA practice ethical factory standards. 


+Our business is now almost entirely made to order- we are a small growing company and do not produce in mass and currently print based on demand. 


+Because we design, print and source, we have a lot of creative control over our product and manufacturing standards. 


+This means many of our pieces are currently on a pre-order status. What is pre-order you ask? Well, since we do no keep warehouse stock, we print what we sell. When you place an order, we will print your order by hand with care.


+We are also navigating the woes of industry wide garment shortages (thanks, Pandemic!) 

+Why $48 for a tee shirt you may ask yourself? Well, when you offer higher quality fabrics, high quality inks, a fair living wage, this will cost more. We see our garments as investment pieces.

+This is not the tee shirt you are going to donate or throw out in a few months, this is the tee shirt that will get softer over time, wear well, wash well, feel great, and have that incredible look of your favorite concert shirt you got 10 years ago. That's our goal, and our customer feedback proves we've done it. 

+When you are working with a smaller independent company, sometimes you will pay more, sometimes it will take longer to ship. We ask you to set aside your expectations that Amazon and big box online retail standards have set forth and appreciate the work and skill of a small maker. 

Thank you for your support and taking the time to read. We can't wait to keep building our dream. 


Oliver & Grace

Yarrow Goods

est. 2020